'Hamas established Iranian emirate in Gaza'

Saudi daily Al-Riyadh publishes critical article of Hamas, described as Iran's execution contractor who established Iranian emirate in Gaza.

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Hamas Gaza heads
Hamas Gaza heads
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A stern article by journalist and researcher Bina Al-Mulhoum against the Hamas movement was published in the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh, against the background of a recent visit by a high-level Hamas delegation in Iran.

During the Hamas Iran visit, statements were made regarding the importance of strengthening ties with Iran and the continued financial and political support it receives from Iran.

In her article, Al-Mulhoum posited that Hamas suffers an identity crisis, and that although it was a Sunni movement, it operated according to the Shi'ite Iranian model, establishing an Iranian emirate in the Gaza Strip with its leaders completely subordinate to the Ayatollahs in Iran.

"As is well known, Iran sponsors Sunni movements that hold radical views, including Hamas, for political purposes. There is no dispute that political support is one thing, and ethnic support is another. One of the paradoxes that should be considered by those who have tried to justify Hamas in the past is why Iran supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt more than it supports the Shi'ite Dawa Party in Iraq.

"Hamas has established an Iranian emirate in Gaza, which is totally subordinate to the Ayatollahs. We haven't forgotten the speech of Khaled Mash'al on October 1, 2011 at the Khamenei Palace, which was a renewal of their declaration of loyalty and obedience. Mashaal served as an official of Iran's Ayatollahs no more and no less!

"The problem of ideological movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas - which used to market themselves as resistance movements, whereas according to the political path taken by the two ... these movements are nothing more than Iran's 'implementation contractors' that deal in the people's problems for political, economic, and material purposes. This is the dominant pattern of behavior in their activity and their perceptions, and the evidence for this is their position on the revolution in Syria, which is compatible with that of their patron, Iran!"