MK Mualem: 'Don't dismantle the protest tent'

Jewish Home Knesset Chair: '800 million shekels promised are insufficient and have not entered as budget item.'

Mordechai Sones ,

MK Mualem in protest tent
MK Mualem in protest tent
Roi Hadi

House Speaker MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli visited the protest tent outside the Prime Minister's residence set up by bereaved families and mayors from Judea and Samaria, demanding funding for security components and paving bypass roads in Judea and Samaria.

MK Mualem met with the head of the Shomron Council Yossi Dagan, with his deputy David Ben Tzion and with Yitzhak Abutbul who lost his wife Hadas in a shooting attack when she was on her way home 16 years ago.

"Endangered lives must be secured with bypass roads and security components," Mualem said. "We know the dangers and the necessary response, and it's also known that the Prime Minister announced allocation of NIS 800 million for this purpose. However, the amount is insufficient and is not included as an authorized item in the budget."

MK Mualem stressed that "the struggle of the families and the heads of the councils in Judea and Samaria is just and I call on you not to dismantle the protest tent until the budgetary issue is clarified and resolved."

The head of the Shomron Council, Dagan, said, "I'm happy to see the overwhelming support of the Jewish Home and its faction chairman for this just struggle. We'll continue to sit here until it actually appears that the government is meeting its obligations and transferring funds both for security measures in Yesha communities and on the roads, and for paving bypass roads."