Islamic clerics against normalization with Israel

Islamic Scholars Conference: Giving up on Palestine, recognizing right of Zionist entity to a state on Islamic land, is betrayal of Allah.

Mordechai Sones ,

Koran Islam
Koran Islam
Flash 90

The Conference of Scholars Against Normalization announced the formation of a committee that will discuss proposals by Muslim clerics relating to the formulation of a credo, to be published in the near future, for guiding the struggle against normalization with the "Zionist entity."

At the close of the religious scholars' meeting in Istanbul, participants announced that any form of normalization with the "entity" is prohibited by religious law and comprises a "crime," be it economic normalization or in the fields of communications, sport, or society.

The clerics stressed that all of "Palestine" and all the "occupied" land by the "robber entity" is Islamic land that must not be relinquished for any reason or by any pretext.

"Giving up Palestine and recognizing the right of the Zionist entity to establish its state on the land of Islam and the Muslims is a betrayal of Allah, His Messenger (Muhammad) and the rest of the believers," the concluding statement said.