'When terror strikes, trail of bloody footprints traces to Iran'

Israeli Ambassador to the UN tells Security Council Iran has spread and financed global terrorism for decades across multiple continents.

Gary Willig ,

Danon addresses security council: today
Danon addresses security council: today
UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

The United Nations Security Council convened today for its first meeting on the ‘Situation in the Middle East’ since US President Donald Trump’s statement on the new American policy on Iran and decertification of the Iran nuclear deal. During his address to the Council, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon accused Iran of spreading terrorism and destabilizing the region.

“For thirty-eight years, Iran has threatened and continues to threaten the world. Iran and its proxies butcher innocent people. When terror strikes, a trail of bloody footprints too often traces back to Iran. From Bangkok to Burgas, from Buenos Aires to Beirut, and all the way back to Tehran,” Ambassador Danon told the Security Council.

“Iran is guilty of sponsoring and endorsing worldwide terror, violating human rights, promoting anti-Semitism and seeking to destroy a UN member state – the State of Israel,” the ambassador said.

Detailing the regime’s actions, Danon said that, “In Syria, Iran has armed Bashar Al-Assad, the butcher of Damascus. Without Iranian support, the Assad Regime would have failed in its evil mission to murder its own people. The Iranian Ayatollahs sponsor Hezbollah’s war chest, Hamas’ budget of bloodshed, and Islamic Jihad’s terror funds.”

“Iran also commits horrific human rights violations against its own people,” Danon continued. “If you are gay, lesbian or bisexual you will be hanged from a crane. In Iran if you are a girl as young as nine years old you can be married off to a grown man. In Iran if you’re a journalist and you criticize the regime you will be arrested with no right to a trial.”

Referring to the Iran nuclear deal, the ambassador noted that: “Iran seeks to destroy Israel by any means necessary. It has tried to obtain nuclear capabilities for years. Today, the regime’s intentions are no different than before.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran must be found guilty on all accounts. Passing and enforcing resolutions can save innocent lives. It is the Council’s responsibility to implement them. You do not need to do this for Israel’s sake. If we are attacked by Iran the regime will face no fiercer enemy than Israel. It is the innocent people around the world who need you to act,” Danon concluded.