'Our mission is to fight the industry of lies'

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely says BDS works to spread lies, notes 'dramatic changes' in way Israel can spread truth.

Chana Roberts ,

Hotovely at Christian Media Summit
Hotovely at Christian Media Summit
צילום: Moshe Asraf / GPO

Speaking at the Christian Media Summit, Deputy Defense Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said the issue with BDS is not the economic boycott, but the narrative itself.

"I think that...really our mission is to fight the industry of lies," the Deputy Defense Minister said. "The BDS is part of this industry of lies. The industry of lies is using terminology such as 'human rights' in order to do everything that is the opposite of human rights."

"When you're supporting terror organizations, when you're supporting powers that are empowering ideas like 'women have no rights' - those are the things that we really need to fight."

However, the deputy minister noted that "for a very strange reason" liberal people seem to support these organizations. This, she said, stems partly "from not having the real information over what is happening here."

According to Hotovely, BDS is "not about economic boycott, because Israel is flourishing, our economic system is flourishing." Throughout the years BDS has been active, she noted, Israel's relations with Asia, Africa, and South America have grown, while "international investments in Israel...just doubled themselves."

As long as Israel is an amazing country bringing solutions to the 21st century problems, Hotovely is "sure that the economics will keep on growing and keep on flourishing."

The real problem, she said, is the narrative.

"The idea to boycott Israel has failed dramatically, it has failed during the 50s and 60s...and it's definitely failing now, but the real problem is that BDS is spreading lies about Israel," she said.

"Tthis is our job and duty, to just fight those lies and tell out the truth.... Today we have more tools to deliver messages. I think new media has made a dramatic change in the way we spread the truth."

The Christian Media Summit is an annual conference taking place this week in Jerusalem. The four-day summit brings together a select group of top Christian media broadcasters, publishers, journalists, as well as communicators from around the world, for discussion and study on topics related to Israel and the Christian world.