Iran to cooperate with Syria to destroy 'the Zionist enemy'

Iranian general arrives in Syria, says he is working to repel the 'Zionist threat' to Syria.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Iran's Chief of Staff declared on Wednesday that he will cooperate with other countries in order to destroy the "Zionist enemy."

"We arrived in Damascus in order to coordinate and cooperate to confront our common enemies: the Zionists and the terrorists," Iranian General Mohammad Baqeri told Syria's state television channel. He added that in his opinion, it is "not acceptable for the Zionist regime to violate Syria anytime it wants."

Bakqeri arrived in Syria on Tuesday, accompanied by several other senior Iranian military figures. Among others, he is expected to meet with Syria's Defense Minister.

On Monday, Israeli Air Force planes responded to a Syrian attack on Israeli aircraft, destroying the surface-to-air missile battery which had attacked them.

A report in August revealed that Iran has been building a Scud missile factory in Syria near the city of Baniyas, south of Latakia.