Police raid suspect's adopted home following Parsons Green bomb

'Massive raid' on couple's home who raised Syrian immigrant children - including young man arrested after London Underground explosion.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bomb disposal squad stands in street near Parsons Green tube station in London
Bomb disposal squad stands in street near Parsons Green tube station in London

Yesterday, Saturday, British police raided the home of an elderly couple who raised refugee/immigrant children, after learning that the 18-year-old suspect arrested after the London subway bombing on Friday was among the children adopted by the couple.

The house belongs to Ronald Jones, 88, and to his wife, Penelope, 71. The two had previously been honored by the Queen, having raised 268 foster children. According to neighbors, the couple has six children of their own, and they began to adopt children after seeing the plight of children who fled Syria and elsewhere. One of the neighbors told the Sun that the adopted children were Syrian.

The search was described in reports as "massive". Neighbors in nearby houses were required to evacuate immediately, possibly due to fear of explosions or gunfights. About 60 houses were evacuated, according to reports.

Some neighbors began to cry and expressed concern that they would not be allowed to return to their homes. Police gave them shelter and food in a nearby sports club until the end of the search, which has yet to be announced.

The suspect was arrested in Dover. Police gave no details about him and no charges have yet been filed against him.

The subway bomb was an improvised device prepared in a bucket. It exploded only partially but created a large fireball that caused many burns among passengers. In the UK there have been four terrorist attacks since the beginning of the year, which killed 36 people, including children.