Haredi MKs focus their rage on the Supreme Court

Shas and UTJ MKs held an emergency meeting Wednesday, and harshly criticized the Supreme Court for striking down the draft law.

Tzvi Lev ,

Haredi MKs
Haredi MKs
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The haredi political parties held an emergency meeting Wednesday in wake of Tuesday's Supreme Court's decision striking down an amendment to the mandatory draft law. The Court had also ruled that businesses can tell customers that they are Kosher even if they do not carry certification from the Rabbinate, and the MK's focused their rage on the Supreme Court, which they say has become dictatorial.

"The Supreme Court has crossed a red line" charged MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ). "If we don't change the laws, we will wake up in a dictatorship."

Religious Affairs Minister David Azulai (Shas) contended that the Supreme Court was intentionally trying to hurt the Jewish people. "In the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, the court said in effect that it wants to continue the dispute with the Jewish people. It chose to say it precisely a few days before Rosh Hashanah."

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri was particularly harsh with his criticism, arguing that the Supreme Court was intervening in issues where it was not authorized to rule. "They are intervening constantly" he said. "With legislators, people can vote them out every four years, and new people can make laws. It can't be that we spend millions of shekels to get elected, and then someone else in reality is controlling what is going on here."

The rage the haredi parties feel towards the Supreme Court has raised new hope among right-wing politicians that they can pass a law that limits the Supreme Court's court's ability to intervene in Knesset decisions, something which Religious Affairs Minister David Azulai said that the government needed to do urgently.

"The time has come to make a legislative change and tell the High Court of Justice that you are not elected, but nominated" he said. Stop making disagreements with the Jewish people and ruling against the Knesset."

The court has intervened in a wide a swath of legislation recently, such as amending the Infiltrators Law and nullifying the taxation of a third apartment. The Justice Ministry last month requested that the Supreme Court clafiy what their limits are, after they nullified the Third Apartment Law on a procedural technicality which had never been used before.