Health Ministry warns of new salmonella outbreak

Up to 11 million eggs could be contaminated with dangerous strain of salmonella - most of them have already reached supermarkets.

David Rosenberg ,

Eggs hidden behind mattresses
Eggs hidden behind mattresses
Health Department

As many as 11 million eggs sold in Israeli supermarkets around the country may be infected with a dangerous strain of salmonella, the Health Ministry warned Tuesday morning.

According to the ministry, routine checks of eggs from the ‘Yesh Meof’ brand revealed the presence of a particularly dangerous enteritidis strain of the salmonella bacteria.

Following the discovery, Health Ministry officials conducted tests on chicken coops used by suppliers of Yesh Meof eggs, and confirmed the presence of salmonella enteritidis bacteria at one site.

The Health Ministry has warned consumers not to purchase eggs of the Yesh Meof brand that have a “sell by” date prior to October 20th. The ministry has also advised any consumers who have already purchased such eggs to immediately dispose of them.

According to a report in The Marker citing government officials, as many as 11 million eggs could be affected by the recall.

Distribution of the infected eggs has been halted, but ministry officials say many of the eggs have already reached supermarket shelves.

Consumption of the contaminated eggs can cause severe diarrhea and fever, with small children, the elderly, and people suffering from weakened immune systems most susceptible to the bacteria, which in some instances can cause internal bleeding and require hospitalization.