'UN Chief should apologize to terror victims' families'

UN Secretary General Guterres visits terrorists' families, lays wreath on arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat's grave. Terror victims: Apologize.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Antonio Guterres
Antonio Guterres

The Almagor Terror Victims' Association called on Israel's Foreign Ministry to delay the return of Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon to the UN, after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres "blatantly evinced disrespect" for Israel's terror victims.

On Tuesday, Guterres met with the families of terrorist murderers and placed a bouquet of flowers on arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat's grave.

Almagor CEO Meir Indor said, "The fact that the new UN Secretary General visited Arafat's grave and met with the mothers of jailed terrorists and murderers, shows blatant disrespect for the graves of the murdered victims and all Israeli society."

"Unfortunately, the UN organizations for many years have chosen to aid Palestinian terrorists, either directly or indirectly. Perhaps the time has come for us to call the UN by its real title: A terror-supporting organization."

If the claim, as spokesmen for the Secretary General said, is that Guterres did not know that these were the parents of terrorists, Indor indicated, he should meet the terror victims' families and apologize. To atone for the fact that he visited Arafat's grave, Indor suggests Guterres visit the graves of terror victims in Jerusalem.

This, Indor said, is the least Guterres can do after he slapped the bereaved families and all of Israeli society in the face. Until Guterres does this, the Foreign Ministry should order Danon not to return to the UN, and should call him for a meeting as is customary in the case of an insult to a sovereign state.

Bereaved father Shmuel Landau, who lost his son in a terror attack, said, "This is the mark of Cain on the UN's forehead, and a direct continuation of the UN and its institutions' tendency to insult Israel. Why would the UN Secretary General think it right to meet the mother of four terrorists, who carried out murderous terror attacks in Israel?"

"We are shocked and ashamed that this meeting took place. It turns the terrorists into victims worthy of a listening ear, while in truth, they are barbarians who murdered innocent men and women. Such a visit is absolutely unacceptable, and the UN Secretary General should be ashamed of himself."

Almagor insists that this visit cannot be ignored. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) must initiate emergency steps, especially considering the insult to the bereaved families.

Almagor is also planning a convention and ways to protest the UN's representation in Israel.