Watch: Conan O'Brien directs traffic in Tel Aviv

The American comedian directs traffic in Tel Aviv and professes his love for Israeli music.

Tzvi Lev ,

Conan O'Brien in Israel
Conan O'Brien in Israel

American comedian Conan O'Brien appears to be enjoying his first-ever trip to Israel. While 'helping' direct traffic in Tel Aviv, he asks a driver what she is listening to. After she responds 'Mizrahit', (Israeli Middle Eastern music) he screams "I love Mizrahit" to passing cars.

The comedian had released a video of himself exploring the Jaffa Port Saturday Facebook Saturday, in which he tastes Israel's popular Shakshuka dish. "You have to get yourself some Shashuka, and today," he said. He also called the Jewish State's Goldstar beer "terrific."

O'Brien is in Israel as part of his 'Conan without Borders' series, and will film the episode at different locations during his first-ever trip to Israel.