German funding for anti-Israel propaganda

German state logos appear on materials of anti-Israel organization claiming to provide 'humanitarian aid.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Arutz Sheva

The Federal Ministry for International Cooperation in the Berlin government and the Berlin municipality is funding the activities of a German organization presenting itself as providing German "humanitarian aid" that, in fact, distributes anti-Israel propaganda based, among other sources, on information from the Palestinian Arab organization “Al-Haq,” Eldad Beck reported today in Israel Hayom.

Al-Haq is involved in the activity of the BDS movement to boycott and isolate Israel.
The organization accuses Israel of systematically robbing Palestinian Arab water sources and creating harsh living and health conditions for the Palestinian Arab population.

Al-Haq has written that “The general access of Palestinians to water is constantly being reduced.” In addition, according to Al-Haq, “Israel systematically destroys rainwater reservoirs, which are considered illegal under military law. This, while all the settlements, including the illegal ones, are connected to Mekorot's water supply network. 10 percent of the groundwater comes to the Palestinians and the remaining 90 percent goes to Israel. 20 percent of the Palestinian communities are cut off from a water network. Nearly one million Palestinians receive less than 60 liters of water a day. The theft of water and the systematic discrimination in granting access to water supply are an integral part of the injustice of the occupation, which not only causes economic and health damage, but also prevents living with dignity. "

According to NGO Monitor reports, the organization is one of the leaders of Israel's demonization in the world, is involved in the BDS activity, regularly accuses Israel of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, and defines acts of terrorism as "legitimate resistance."