'Act against illegal construction in Binyamin'

Regavim turns to Supreme Court to force government to act against illegal construction by Arabs near Jewish towns in Samaria.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Illegal takeover of land
Illegal takeover of land

The Regavim movement petitioned the Supreme Court demanding that the Israeli authorities enforce the law against Arabs who farm the land near the Jewish towns of Nofei Nehemia and Rachalim in Binyamin.

Regavim claims in the petition that "among the communities of Nofei Nehemia and Rehelim in Samaria, Palestinian residents of the area are committing many building offenses, while taking control of state land and invading the blue line of the settlement of Rachalim."

"Among other things, construction offenders prepared land for agricultural work, planted trees, and paved a road leading to the plots of land they had prepared, all without the proper permits and against the law."

They added that the illegal work is being carried out inside Area C, which is under full Israeli civil and security control.

The petitioners further claim that the enforcement authorities did nothing to stop the illegal work, which caused the Arabs to continue and intensify their illegal activity.

Regavim asked the court to issue an interim injunction against the defense minister, the head of the Central Command and the head of the Civil Administration, and to instruct them to attach the information regarding the offenders to the court so that they would be included as respondents to the petition.