Sde Boaz residents feel deceived

Residents of Gush Etzion community furious at state response to High Court petition; attack delay in completing land survey.

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Mordechai Sones ,

Sde Boaz aerial photo
Sde Boaz aerial photo
town spokesperson

The residents of Sdeh Boaz in Gush Etzion are furious at the state's response to their High Court petition, according to which the state intends to demolish the four structures erected there.

"We are sick of promises, talk, and Tweets. We demand action. The land on which the four houses were built in Sde Boaz is not private land, but land designated for declaration as state land," stated Sde Boaz.

Sources in the community note that the Talia Sasson Report published in 2005 dealing with the status of Area C land, stated that the survey mandating the declaration was already on the desk of the Military Legal Advisor in its final stages - and that was twelve years ago.

"In 2013, we evacuated four buildings after the Defense Ministry promised us that the survey would be promoted, and now the state continues to make promises but is working to demolish our homes ... Can anyone explain the logic behind the state's strong desire to demolish structures built on land that the state itself testifies has the potential to be declared state land?" the residents ask..

"Seventeen years after we established a religious-secular community in the heart of Gush Etzion, in a strategic point, we feel deceived by the Israeli government." The community added, "The state uses selective enforcement against Jews and enforces these regulations only against us. Demolition now will give the Arabs a push to continue to take control of the survey lands in cooperation with the Left and the European Union.

"The government of Israel, and especially its leader, is obliged to stop Tweeting and start doing. The future of Gush Etzion and the future of Sde-Boaz as a very strategic point are in the hands of the Israeli government."