Suspect publishes inciteful support of ISIS

Investigation opened several months ago after police learned of Facebook page in suspect's name.

Mordechai Sones ,

Cyber incitement
Cyber incitement

On Friday, the Israeli police arrested an Arab inhabitant of Judea and Samaria who admitted during his interrogation in the police precinct that he supports the Islamic State organization (ISIS or Da'ash).

The investigation was opened several months ago after the police learned about a Facebook page in the suspect's name, including open support for the ISIS, its activities, distribution of videos about its activities in various countries, and videos of ISIS opponents being murdered.

Interrogation process

The findings of the investigation indicate that the suspect disseminated these publications as early as 2015, and that many people have been exposed to them.

The suspect, a man in his forties, lived until a few months ago in the Shuafat refugee camp, and recently moved to Hevron, where he was arrested last Friday and brought for questioning in the Kedem precinct.

In light of the severity of the publications exposed by the police investigators, a thorough analysis and the body of evidence were presented to the State Prosecutor's Office, which authorized the opening of an investigation into incitement to violence and support for a terrorist organization.

Tomorrow the suspect will be brought to a military court for remand.

The police said, "The main fear of such publications is that there will be those who will be influenced and will decide to act inspired by inflammatory publications of this kind that could lead to harm to human life."