This is how 'equality' in the IDF looks

Climbing wall used for obstacle course indicates that the IDF in fact holds by three levels of equality.

Gil Ronen ,

Climbing wall on teaching base
Climbing wall on teaching base

A climbing wall photographed this week on an IDF teaching base illustrates the idea of ​​”gender equality” in the IDF.

The wall is used during physical examinations within the context of training courses for various army professions, including paramedics, military police, and ammunition, who then return to their respective units with their newly-acquired skills.

From the photograph, it appears that the IDF currently has three levels of “equality:” The wall can be scaled at its maximum height on the left, at medium height on the right side, or at a particularly low height by using a pile of paving blocks adjacent to the wall on its lower side.

The photograph raises worrying questions about the accepted argument that the inclusion of women in combat units reflects the IDF's ardent belief in the idea of ​​equality - even at the expense of the ability to defeat the enemy.

In the past, we revealed on Arutz Sheva the fact that female soldiers on “Teaching Base 1” had been using a bench to cross the wall as part of a physical examination.