Watch: Arabs throw rocks - and are arrested

Instant justice: Three Arab stone-throwers nabbed just moments after they attacked Border Police officers near Rachel's Tomb.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arab stone-thrower
Arab stone-thrower
Police Spokesperson

Three Arab stone-throwers were arrested Sunday after they attacked Border Police officers outside Rachel’s Tomb, south of Jerusalem.

The attack occurred while officers were conducting security operations in the area to crack down on stone-throwing and firebomb attacks around the holy site.

Officers filmed the attack, then immediately moved in to arrest the stone-throwers, who attempted to flee to a nearby building.

After the arrest of the stone-throwers, all of whom were minors, officers called the attackers’ parents in, and required they put up 500 dinars ($706) each for bail.

“Even though these were minors, their stone-throwing and use of sling-shots [to hurl rocks] put the officers’ lives in real danger,” a police spokesperson said.

The Border Police operation was, the spokesperson continued, “a proactive operation against those seeking to disrupt the peace and to harm security forces.”