'Publishing pictures hurts families'

Father of victim of 2011 Itamar massacre slams publication of pictures from scene of Neve Tzuf terror attack.

Yoni Kempinski, Neve Tzuf ,

Haim Fogel
Haim Fogel
Yoni Kempinski

Haim Fogel, a resident of Neve Tzuf and the father of Rabbi Udi Fogel, murdered along with his wife and three children in the 2011 Itamar massacre, slammed the publication of the horrific scenes from the Neve Tzuf terror attack on Friday night.

"My wife turned on the TV on Saturday night and saw the pictures, and it brought it all back to her," Fogel said this morning.

"We are sorry that this is what is happening. It hurts families. Someone may think it's good to show the whole world [...] the blood. The problem is that it hurts us, it hurts the families. Why is it needed?”

“If it were possible to stop it, I would ask that it be stopped,” Fogel added. “In the long run, it doesn’t serve any purpose.”

“I call on all officials arriving first to a [terror] scene, like ZAKA and others - just don’t publish [pictures],” Fogel said.