9 arrested as LGBT protest turns violent in Tel Aviv

Protesters demanding adoption rights for LGBT couples attack police at violent demonstration in Tel Aviv.

David Rosenberg ,

Gay pride parade, Tel Aviv (file). Civil marriage rejected by  Knesset on Wednesday.
Gay pride parade, Tel Aviv (file). Civil marriage rejected by  Knesset on Wednesday.

An illegal demonstration by members of the LGBT community turned violent in Tel Aviv Thursday evening, as protesters demanding an expansion of adoption rights for homosexual couples clashed with police, Israel Hayom reported.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered to protest the government’s refusal to remove limitations on the ability of same-sex couples to adopt children, charging the preference made for traditional families constituted discrimination.

Like most other countries, Israel extends full adoption rights only to traditional, heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples in Israel, can, however, be approved for adoption of children when no traditional couples can be found to adopt them.

Waving rainbow flags and holding up baby carriages and placards with slogans like “I also deserve to be a father”, and “Mommy and mommy”, protesters demonstrated near the IDF’s Kirya headquarters building.

Police say demonstrators tried to force their way past a police cordon towards Azrieli Junction. When officers prevented the protesters from breaking through, they were attacked by dozens of demonstrators.

At least nine protesters were arrested after they assaulted police, authorities say.