Bennett blasts Channel 10: It's 'the New Israel Fund channel'

Education Minister says Channel 10 fights any Jewish characteristic and is funded by leftist groups.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Education Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett on Thursday blasted Channel 10, saying it resists any Jewish characteristic.

"The New Israel Fund Channel (Channel 10) leads an all-out war against every Jewish and Zionist characteristic in the country. Kiddush is primitive. Jerusalem Day is nationalistic. A resident of the settlement enterprise is violent and uprooting olive trees. The Israeli flag is fascist,” Bennett wrote on Facebook.

Bennett said the channel will continue its campaign of self-hatred, as he put it, with the backing of the leftist organization "Molad", which enjoys the funding of the German government.

"In the coming month, every day you will see 'revelations', jokes and attacks against the Jewish tradition," the Education Minister wrote, adding, "So what do we do? We, the public, are stronger than they are. We have tremendous power here on social media. So share the truth. Distribute."

Bennett asked for users to share his posts, in which the truth is presented, as he put it. "Last time I asked you for 1,000 shares and you came up with 3,600. We reached about 650,000 views. Much more than the New Israel Fund Channel. So share.”

This is not the first time that Bennett has targeted Channel 10 News for its false coverage. In April, he pointed out how the channel slanders and falsely accuses him of "brainwashing" Israeli students.

At the time, he showed a clip from Channel 10's Friday evening newscast which discussed a textbook which presents religious families as having values, while secular families are empty and egoistic.

The channel said the book was "a racist and disgusting book" and blamed Bennett for approving it, but the book, in fact, was approved and published in 2008, when Labor's Yuli Tamir served as Education Minister.