Gabai: Party members want change

Former Minister Avi Gabai, who will run against Amir Peretz in the second round of the Labor primaries, addresses his supporters.

Hezki Baruch ,

Gabai speaks at his campaign headquarters
Gabai speaks at his campaign headquarters
Hezki Baruch

Former Minister Avi Gabai, who will take part in the second round of the Labor party primaries against MK Amir Peretz, arrived at his headquarters and spoke to his activists on Tuesday evening,.

"You proved that you are focusing on what is important and are welcoming a newcomer, and you have proven that this is an open party that today truly calls upon new audiences to join it," said Gabai, who is a relatively new member of Labor after previously being a member of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon's Kulanu party.

"We successfully passed the first campaign, but the difficult part is still ahead, and I will need you next week as well," Gabai told the activists, adding, "Within a few months, we completely changed the party discourse into a discourse of change, hope and victory, and the voters said their word: We want victory."

"My advancing to the second round, and the many votes received by Erel [Margalit] and Omer [Bar-Lev], illustrate what is most obvious: Party members want change, party members want hope, party members want victory. I hope and believe that we will achieve that in the second round,” continued Gabai.

Turning to the other candidates, Gabai said, "I said all along that we have a good team and a very respectable group of candidates, and I thank everyone and I look forward to working with everyone. There were also difficult moments in the campaign, but as far as I'm concerned we are moving forward. Each of the candidates will be a full partner in how we defeat the Likud in the next elections."