US leftists attack Netanyahu

J Street's Jeremy Ben Ami attacks Israel's Prime Minister and the recent government decissions regarding the Western Wall

Hezki Baruch ,

Egalitarian section of the Western Wall
Egalitarian section of the Western Wall
Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

J Street head Jeremy Ben-Ami spoke on Saturday night to Israel's Channel 10 about his anger over Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to block the Western Wall agreement.

J Street is a left-wing Jewish lobby based in the US, supported by George Soros, that competes with AIPAC, the traditional and centrist-right pro-Israel lobby.

"It's a real crisis, since the identity of most American Jews is hanging in the balance ," Ben-Ami told Channel 10.

"It's not a question of J Street or AIPAC - it's about 90% of American Jewry. These aren't Orthodox people, and the message they're getting is that they 'don't count.'

"The question is if Prime Minister Netanyahu's only interest in Israel is to keep his coalition. I hope that his main interest is the Jewish nation and the State of Israel. There is even discussion about practical steps, about harming businesses and tourism."

Meanwhile Coaliation Chairman David Bitan (Likud) told Channel 10 that "in order to bring about an agreement via the legal system, we needed to freeze the current proposal."

"Regardless, there is a place for egalitarian prayer right now - they just want to have partial control over it. Even the haredim don't want to get into this issue, but the Reform turned to the Supreme Court, leaving the haredim with no other choice."