'Law to require government to fulfill promises must pass'

MK Smotrich says MKs who said PM must fulfill promise to build in Beit El must vote for bill or violate their own promises.

Eliran Aharon ,

Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel Smotrich
Eliran Aharon

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation will discuss the bill proposed by the heads of the Knesset Land of Israel Lobby, MKs Yoav Kish and Bezalel Smotrich, which would obligate the government t to quickly implement its promises to build new housing units in Judea and Samaria.

The law states that where a government promise has been given to build on the site of demolished buildings, all the procedures required for fulfilling that promise must be undertaken as soon as possible, and no delay due to political or other pressures is allowed.

MK Smotrich (Jewish Home) told Arutz Sheva that the MKs and ministers from the national camp who stood in the Beit El protest tent last week and who said that "the promises which were made must be fulfilled" must now vote in favor of the bill.

"Ministers and MKs stood in the tent of the people of Beit El and said that the promises should be fulfilled, and to a great extent they said that in the end everything was in the hands of the prime minister ... The moment this bill was submitted, the ball was retrieved from the prime minister's court to our court.

Smotrich promised that the bill would be put to a vote in the Knesset even if the ministerial committee decides not to approve it. "Whoever was in the tent and said 'promises should be kept,' [if] he now votes against the bill, then he too is not keeping his promises."

"I know my colleagues in the government and the Knesset very well, [and I know] that they will keep their promise and pass this just bill.

He used as an example the fact that the promise to build 300 housing units in Beit El has gone unfulfilled for five years. "This law was only put on the agenda because the prime minister repeatedly rejects the fulfillment of his promise."

"This law must pass on Sunday at the ministerial committee and on Wednesday in the Knesset. And from there [we must] move forward so that the construction in Beit El and other places where the government has decided [to promise to build] will take place immediately."