'Russia has not intervened in any election campaign'

Knesset Speaker visits Moscow, to speak at upper house of Russian Parliament.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Matviyenko and Edelstein
Matviyenko and Edelstein
Knesset Spokesperson and Spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy in Moscow

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein began his official visit to Moscow on Tuesday afternoon with a meeting with Valentina Matviyenko, the chairwoman of the Federation Council (the upper house of the Russian parliament).

Edelstein was greeted warmly by Matviyenko, signed the guest book, and presented his host with a bouquet of flowers.

Matviyenko told Edelstein at the beginning of the visit: "I thank you for accepting the invitation. I believe that your visit will strengthen the ties between our countries and parliaments, and I look forward to your speech tomorrow in the plenum of the Federations Council. The Federation Council will work on a "road map" to continue our joint work."

In a press conference held at the end of the meeting, Edelstein said: "We know that our region is a sensitive area and Russia plays a significant role in it, and therefore it is of particular importance to continue cooperation and to resolve [any] differences of opinion."

During the press conference Matviyenko was asked about allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential election last year.

She responded: "This is hysteria that does not correspond to reality, and Russia did not interfere or interfere in any election campaign, just as we would not want them to interfere in our case."

Edelstein is expected to address the plenum of the Federation Council tomorrow.

The Knesset Speaker returned to Russia as an emissary of the State of Israel nearly thirty years after his release by the Soviet Union, where he had been imprisoned as a Prisoner of Zion for three years.