Terrorist released from prison returns to terror

Police arrest a 21-year-old resident of eastern Jerusalem on suspicions of belonging to a terror organization. Indictment tomorrow.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky ,

Oliver Pitosi/Flash 90

A 21-year-old youth from eastern Jerusalem was arrested recently following a covert investigation against him over the course of the past month conducted by Israeli Police and the Shin Bet.

The youth is suspected of belonging to and supporting a terror organization, and of inciting to terror and violence.

The youth has already been convicted in the past of incitement and violence, terror and support for a terror organization, and even served an 8-month jail sentence from which he was released 9 months ago.

According to suspicions, after he was released from prison, he returned to supporting terror, and even joined an active terror organization in the Ramallah area, soon advancing in the group’s ranks to a senior position and taking advantage of his rank for incitement, terror, and violence.

The secret investigation was revealed last week after the youth’s arrest at his home in eastern Jerusalem by police.

The youth’s arrest was extended by the court, and tomorrow the prosecution is expected to submit an indictment against him for “activity and membership in a terror organization” and to request that his arrest be extended until the end of proceedings against him.