Goat thief caught, most animals returned to owners

Arab indicted for stealing 57 goats from Kibbutz Alumim.

Yoni Kempinski ,

The stolen goats
The stolen goats
Israel Police spokesperson

An indictment was filed on Sunday with the Tiberias Magistrates Court against a resident of the northern village of Ilut.

The accused is in his 40s, and is suspected of stealing 10,000 NIS worth of goats from neighboring Kibbutz Alumot.

The investigation began when Israel Police received a complaint that 57 goats had been stolen from Kibbutz Alumim.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the suspect entered the farm in a private vehicle and drove away with a few goats each time.

The thefts were carried out over a period of six weeks during April and May.

During one of the times the suspect entered Kibbutz Alumim, he was spotted by a Border Police officer stationed in the area. In order to avoid arousing suspicion, he traveled to a construction site and asked the workers to tell the Border Police that he worked with them.

However, the officers were not convinced, and called the contractor, who did not identify the suspect as one of his workers.

Israel Police found proofs that the suspect traveled to Kibbutz Alumim 18 times to steal goats. The detectives also managed to locate 49 of the stolen goats, which had been sold to various pens in neighboring Arab villages.

The Jewish owner identified his goats, and they were returned to him.

"This is a very complicated case," the investigating officer said. "We managed to put together a solid base of proofs against the suspect. The video in which a goat is seen running after the car filled with other goats arouses great compassion and a desire to bring the criminal to justice."