Man accused of sex crimes hired as substitute, molests students

Math teacher accused of sexually assaulting students at Tel Aviv school; was already accused of assaulting student during private lessons.

David Rosenberg ,

Shaul Shamai, teacher accused of sexual assault
Shaul Shamai, teacher accused of sexual assault

A Rishon Letzion man convicted of committing sexual acts on a female student during math tutoring sessions allegedly sexually assaulted multiple female students at a Tel Aviv school where he was working as a substitute teacher.

Shaul Shamai, 49, was accused in February 2016 of committing sexual acts on a then 12-year old girl he was tutoring in math. Before he was convicted in April 2017, Shamai began working as a substitute 2nd grade math teacher at a school Tel Aviv, despite lacking a teaching certificate, and even as his trial for sex crimes against a 12-year old girl was underway.

In January 2017, nearly a year after the complaint was first filed against him for his indecent behavior during tutoring sessions, Shamai was approached by the school’s principal to provide a police record, to ensure that he had not history of sex crimes or crimes against children.

Despite the pending case against him, Shamai obtained clearance from the police and was employed as a substitute teacher.

During his time as a substitute teacher, Shamai allegedly sexually assaulted multiple students, and roughly two weeks ago, Shamai was arrested.

Shamai’s arrest was prompted by a complaint from the parent of one female student to school officials, claiming that Shamai had touched her daughter in an explicitly sexual manner. The school notified police of the complaint, which was followed by similar complaints from three other female student’s Shamai had taught.

A court order barring publication of Shamai’s name had been set to expire on Wednesday, but an appeal by his attorney delayed its expiration until Thursday.