The end of the Haifa-ammonia crisis?

Government offices discuss possible long-term solutions for ammonia crisis.

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Yedidya Ben-Or ,

Haifa's ammonia tank
Haifa's ammonia tank
Environmental Protection Ministry

Finance Ministry Chairman Shai Babad on Sunday held a meeting with representatives of various government officers to find a long-term solution for the Haifa ammonia crisis.

In the meeting, several preliminary options were discussed, including the options of building an ammonia facility in Israel's south and allowing only a small number of ships to transport ammonia.

Participating in the meeting were representatives of the Finance Ministry, Environmental Protection Ministry, Economy Ministry, Prime Minister's Office, Home Front Command, Justice Ministry, Israel Lands Authority, and others.

These solutions have the advantage of being a cheap solution, while encouraging competition in the industry and lowering the number of ammonia-carrying trucks on Israel's highways. In addition, it opens up more jobs for southern residents.

The Israeli government will work as quickly as possible to find a long-term solution and provide the necessary permits.

However, the government did not discuss any short-term solutions. A discussion on the topic will be held by the Environmental Protection Ministry and the Prime Minister's office.