'We can wait a few months for the embassy'

MK believes President will eventually transfer embassy, calls on politicians not to underestimate Trump: 'He does not work for us'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Trump at Western Wall
Trump at Western Wall
Nati Shohat / Flash 90

On the occasion of Jerusalem Day, Arutz Sheva spoke with MK Oren Hazan (Likud) today about President Trump's visit and its implications for Jerusalem and the awaited embassy move.

"Fifty years later - is the Temple Mount truly in our hands? Is Jerusalem really united? Yes, we are happy that we returned here, to our teeny land, to our home, after 2,000 years of exile, and hopes and dreams - and finally fifty years ago we succeeded in retrieving also our eternal capital, but there are those today who are doing everything they can to get rid of it.

"So I call here upon PM Netanyahu to announce from every venue and declare that Jerusalem is united, the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel and not Ishmael; the era of the two-state vision has passed. There is only one state, from the Jordan to the Sea, from the Hermon until Eilat, it is the State of the Jews in the Land of Israel, whose eternal capital is Jerusalem."

The fact that Trump is first and foremost a businessman - maybe for that reason he will try to push some form of freeze or other economic inducement to come to an agreement - and let's remember, with whom are we supposed to come to an agreement? Someone who funds terrorist's families every day?

"There is none with whom to talk, there never was, and from how it looks there also won't be with whom to talk. We have to open our eyes and remember: He funds murderers, like the one who murdered Hallel Ariel Yaffeh in her bed; who harmed and continue to harm our dear children, and it makes no difference whether they're soldiers or regular citizens. With an enemy who holds two of our dear sons, Oron and Hadar - there is no one to talk to.

We have a short memory, we have already forgotten how they used the Dahaniyyeh airport in Gaza for weapons smuggling, that they did so in the very helicopter of the head of the PA, whom we turned into 'president' - they used it for terror. We have to remember that only when we show them a strong and outstretched hand, only then will they calm down.

"With this, I say, I think President Trump is a gift. Most Israeli politicians don't even understand the meaning of a president who is first a businessman. It's a treasure, it's great, and if we won't know to take advantage of it, we'll lose. The time has come for us to enter this negotiation, first with the Americans - they're our best friends! Who among us hasn't entered into a negotiation with his parents or siblings? There's nothing wrong with it. We should enter this negotiation, with the clear position that first of all, we are here. Whoever wants to live alongside us, wonderful, welcome. Whoever doesn't, we'll show him the exit with a strong hand.

We will know how to take advantage of President Trump from the good in him - on a genuine, personal level, he doesn't care one state or two. He wants to bring the good news. We have to provide that good news, and the time has come for there to be leadership who knows how to do that."

As to the most talked-about subject before his arrival, the embassy move - you know, in America, they're saying, "It's not in our court; it's in Jerusalem's hands". Could it be that its being impeded here?

"There are a few leaders here who became confused. President Trump and his administration do not work for us. Trump isn't the Knesset Member's third-assistant and he's not their press agent. He's the President of the United States, the greatest superpower in the world. The time has come for us to be quiet for a minute, and give them the chance to learn the job, and to internalize it, and the implement their policy. The time has come for us to learn patience. We have to wait aftet stating our demands for others to digest them. If you give the most powerful man in the world to understand that you hold him in such contempt that you consider him to be your lowliest servant, don't be surprised when he turns on you."

But how far? If they try to impose some kind of a freeze, will you oppose with full conviction, even if we're talking about our best friend across the sea?

"First, I want to mention that all those rumors about a disconnect, or quarrels across the sea, are no more than isolated incidents.. The time has come for us to return to that same strong and confident posture that accompanied us since the establishment of the state, for it to come back to us today. We shouldn't fear a disagreement, even with the Americans. It's no shame to stand up for yourself. When you stand hunched, even a small child can knock you over. We must stand with our feet firmly on the ground.

"Second, I want to say again, regarding the embassy: We were okay without the embassy in Jerusalem until today, if it happens in another three months or a year, the world won't collapse. But we have to say that with the comment that President Trump for the first time leaving his continent, he chooses to come here, to the Land of Israel. That is a clear statement to the entire world that the Americans, with Trump at their head, are standing with us. We have to take advantage of it, and if not, we'll pay the price."

And that he arrives on Jerusalem Day, that has even more significance?

"Absolutely; one has to be blind not to see it. Sometimes one has to read not only between the lines but look at what's beyond and understand that you don't have to scream for a clear message to get across. Here there's a clear message, the American President quietly says Jerusalem is united, the capital of the Jewish nation, whom I'm coming to visit."