Gaza: Hamas official's murderers sentenced to death

Hamas hangs two, shoots one of suspects charged with murder of Hamas official in March.

Dalit Halevi ,

Hamas, file
Hamas, file
Abed Rahim Katib/Flash 90

Gaza's military prosecution on Sunday announced that the military court will judge three people accused of murdering senior Hamas official Mazen Faqha in March.

Faqha, who was a convicted terrorist released in the 2011 "Shalit deal," was shot by unknown assailants in his Gaza home.

Two of the suspects will be hanged, and a third will be shot by a firing squad.

Gaza's Interior Minister said that since the March 24 murder, security forces have exposed and arrested over 45 Israeli agents.

According to the report, the assassin is a 38-year-old Palestnian Arab man, who admitted to the deed and to his connection with Israeli intelligence.

The two other accused helped him by observing, surveying, and photographing the area.

Hamas authorities in Gaza accused Israel of the elimination immediately after it happened, and threatened to get Israel back for any action by Israeli security forces against Hamas senior officials.

Last week, Hamas television aired a documentary video showing footage from the security cameras in the area, in which the assassin can be seen walking in the street.

Mazen Faqha was given nine life sentences after being convicted of terror. He was not allowed to return home after his release in 2011, and was sent to Gaza instead.