Suspected hate crime near Shechem

Tractor set on fire, Star of David and the word “revenge” spray-painted on wall in village of Burin.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

"Price tag" vandalism (archive)
"Price tag" vandalism (archive)
Flash 90

A tractor was set on fire in the Palestinian Arab village of Burin, near Shechem, overnight Thursday. In addition, a Star of David and the word “revenge” were spray-painted on a nearby wall.

The tractor was completely burned. Police and IDF forces arrived at the scene and gathered evidence. The incident is being investigated as a suspected hate crime.

Burin is located near Hawara, where on Thursday an Arab mob attacked a vehicle belonging to a Jewish resident of Itamar, who was forced to leave his car and kill one of the terrorists. There is no evidence that the two incidents are related.