'Cancelling schoolbuses endangers children'

Head of Local Authorities Council Haim Bibas criticizes decision to divert school-buses to Meron for Lag Ba'Omer events.

Yoel Domb ,

Flash 90

The head of the Local Authorities Council, Haim Bibas, sent a sharp letter Wednesday to Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, criticizing the decision to divert children's school-buses to transport visitors to Meron for the Lag Ba'Omer events on Sunday.

Army Radio reported that Bibas, the mayor of Modiin, is demanding that the minister find an immediate solution allowing schools to conduct their transportation in regular fashion on Lag Baomer.

The Education Ministry has postponed the Lag Ba'Omer school vacation to Monday in order that most people celebrate the holiday on Sunday evening and not Saturday night, which would cause widespread Shabbat desecration. Bibas suggested returning the vacation to Sunday as was previously planned in order to solve the problem of transportation.

The Transport ministry has yet to respond to the letter.

The decision by the director-general of the Transport Ministry was not to change the original plan to divert school-buses to the Lag Ba'Omer events taking place in Meron, this despite the fact that Sunday will be a school day due to the Education Ministry's decision to defer the school vacation to Monday.

The decision was also due to a police report which stated that it would not be possible to extend the times for public transportation to Meron without additional modes of transport.