IDF cracks down on terror, nabs terrorist gunman

IDF conducts operations across Judea and Samaria which see the confiscation of illegal weapons - and the arrest of a terrorist.

Tal Polon ,

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
IDF Spokesperson/FLASH90

IDF forces continued to make advances last night in the general effort to crack down on the illegal possession and manufacture of weapons by Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

The Samaria regional brigade held a brigade-wide operation last night in the Palestinian-Arab refugee camp of Balata near Shechem, during which 3 lathes used to manufacture weapons were found.

In addition, a pistol was found.

All findings were confiscated.

Likewise, after shooting was heard last night in the Arab village of Rabud in Judea, IDF forces rushed to the scene. After conducting searches in the area, a suspect was located - as was a pistol, the source of the fire.

The suspect was arrested and the weapon confiscated.

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