Anti-Semitic fliers posted at Montana gas station

White supremacists leave anti-Semitic fliers at gas station in Missoula, Montana, the latest in a series of anti-Jewish incidents.


anti-Semitic poster (illustration)
anti-Semitic poster (illustration)
Courtesy of Eva Zelster

JTA - Anti-Semitic fliers were posted at a gas station in Missoula, Montana.

The fliers, which were discovered on Sunday morning, appeared to be distributed by a white supremacist group, according to local reports. They were taped to the gas pumps. Nothing else was vandalized.

The fliers are similar to others found in Missoula shortly after the Nov. 8, 2016 election, according to the daily newspaper The Missoulian. They have been found in neighborhoods from time to time since then, according to reports.

The incident was reported to Missoula police.

A synagogue in Missoula in November requested a police patrol after American Nazi Party fliers accusing Jews of controlling the media were dropped in residential areas of the city.