'A tremendous diplomatic achievement despite UNESCO vote loss'

Israel's Ambassador to UNESCO hails drop in support for anti-Semitic resolutions compared to previous resolutions last year.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Shama-Cohen with the Jordanian ambassador and the EU ambassador
Shama-Cohen with the Jordanian ambassador and the EU ambassador
Israel delegation to UNESCO

In recent days, Israel has conducted a wide-ranging diplomatic effort in an effort to minimize the list of countries that support the resolution adopted today by UNESCO during Independence Day, according to which Israel has no sovereign authority in Jerusalem.

The struggle resulted in a relatively favorable outcome compared to previous votes: only 22 members of the UN Education Council voted in favor of the anti-Israel resolution, 10 opposed, 23 abstained, and 3 were absent from voting.

The person who worked around the clock and spoke with many diplomats from various countries on the subject was Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Shama-Hacohen.

"This is a tremendous diplomatic achievement. Support for Israel has almost doubled and spread to Africa, South America and Eastern Europe," Shama-Hacohen said, explaining that this is a loss that is all victory in the political arena.

He recalls that "the fact that in the vote a few years ago only the US supported Israel - and since then the number is only growing - lies in a diplomatic effort led by the prime minister."

According to the Israeli ambassador, "despite the excellent result, these are still proposals that have no place in the family of nations and certainly not in UNESCO. Vote against a country on its Independence Day, this new low of the Arab countries, but the vote results are their Yom Kippur. The initiators of the proposal are stunned. They came smug this morning with the EU in their pockets - and ended up with five new countries that voted against it for the first time. "

"Israeli flags on the Temple Mount and throughout Jerusalem and the land are a crushing response to the Arab plot to harm our sovereignty and the historical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Wall," Shama-Hacohen concluded.