Maalot resident Sagiv Lugasi wins Tanach Quiz

Sagiv Lugasi of Maalot won the annual Bible Contest after he defeated Naomi Cohen of the Tzfat Ulpana by 2 poiints.

Arutz Sheva ,

World Bible Quiz
World Bible Quiz
Shlomi Amsalem

Sagiv Lugasi, 15, of Maalot in northern Israel is the winner of the 2017 Bible contest, held every year on Independence Day, after he defeated Naomi Cohen of the Tzfat Ulpana by two points in the final round.

Lugasi made history by being the first winner from a non-religious school to win the contest in 30 years.

Maria Shpilowitz, a resident of Grodno, Belarus, reached third place. Shpilowitz, who does not study in a Jewish school, said that she had taught herself in preparation for the quiz.

Shlomo Helfgot of Teaneck, New Jersey, came in fourth place.

This years Bible Contest takes place in the Jerusalem Theater on the topic of "fifty years of unified Jerusalem"

The quiz is chaired by linguist and Tanach scholar Dr. Avshalom Kor and includes the participation of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky.

Contestants include:

Naomi Cohen-Israel

Nadav Sahar-Israel

Shlomo Helfgot-US

Sagiv Lugasi, Israel

Uriel Simpson- US

Maria Shpilowitz- Belarus

Caleb Gitelitz-US

Natan Snobel-Canada

Shaul Yosef- South Africa

Yitzhak Narkis- Panama

Shira Ring-Belgium

Binyamin Shor-Canada

Matan Harel-Israel

Yehuda Shani-Brazil

Dania Ranner-Mexico

Sharon Toussia- Mexico