Watch: Patriot missile downs Syrian aircraft over Golan Heights

Israeli Air Force surface-to-air missile shoots down unmanned aircraft which violated Israeli airspace near Syrian border.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 8:58 PM

Patriot Missile Battery
Patriot Missile Battery
IDF/Flash 90

A US-built Patriot missile was fired at an aircraft which penetrated Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights Thursday evening.

The anti-ballistic missile reportedly intercepted and destroyed the aircraft after it crossed into Israeli airspace.

An IDF spokesperson acknowledged the shoot-down Thursday night in a statement, writing: “The Patriot Aerial Defense System intercepted a target above the Golan Heights.”

The IDF refused to confirm claims the aircraft shot down over the Golan Heights was an unmanned drone, referring to the craft only as “the target”.

The incident comes after a series of explosions were reported early Thursday morning near a Damascus airport. Syria claimed Israeli forces were responsible for the attack.

Just hours before the missile downed the aircraft, Russia called for restraint amid rising tensions between Israel and Syria, but also condemned the attacks as “acts of aggression against Syria”.

The Syrian military maintains close ties with terrorist groups including Hezbollah and the PFLP-General Command.

A senior member of the PFLP-GC was killed in a strike on a Syrian military facility earlier this week.