Social demolition:
Provocation at Jewish outposts planned Friday

Flyer circulating on social media announces tour to 'stop the outpost thugs.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Leftist anarchists (illustrative)
Leftist anarchists (illustrative)
Flash 90

A flyer circulating social media in recent days announces an organized tour of Jewish Jordan Valley-area outposts tomorrow (Friday) to "stop the outpost thugs".

Following the pattern of focusing on areas of greatest strategic significance to Israel for delegitimization, tour organizers call on the public to "join a special tour to the heart of the West Bank to see up-close the feral Jordan Valley outposts, during which we will call to dismantle the illegal settlements and outposts and to execute judgement against outpost settlers who attack area Palestinian residents".

Referring to the vital strategic areas guarded by the outposts, Elyakim Haetzni wrote "Area C ... contains the key to the future: continued Jewish construction there would close the Palestinian option in the western Land of Israel, whereas freezing Jewish building, while Arab construction continues, will cause the Jewish settlement enterprise to atrophy and eventually wither away."

The flyer makes veiled reference to a recent incident at the Baladim outpost near the Binyamin town Kochav Hashachar, during which police claimed they were attacked by area Jews, yet after which they were forced to free their only suspect for an apparent false arrest.

In response to a query put forth by Arutz Sheva, police said they are aware of the tour which does have police approval, and that security forces plan to be in the area to prevent clashes.

Y., one of the founders of the Baladim outpost, said in response, "Those so-called demonstrators who are arriving this week with police approval are not innocent. They are busy organizing dangerous provocations in order to aid Arab terror. Last week they entered the area together with terrorists and created a serious security incident."