Palestinian Authority: Violence against women is Israel's fault

PA blames Israel for recent rise in violence of Arab men against women.

Dalit Halevi, Chana Roberts ,

Arab Muslim woman burka hijab face veil
Arab Muslim woman burka hijab face veil

The Palestinian Authority's Department for Women's Affairs claims the number of cases of violence against women rose in the past several days because Israel tightened the security closure of entrances into Gaza and increased the number of alleged "crimes to humanity."

In an official notice, the Department for Women's Affairs condemned all acts of violence against women and murder of women, and demanded the relevant parties take steps to end the phenomenon.

They also demanded the PA not allow criminals to escape justice and not accept any excuses or requests for lighter punishment - even if the murder was an honor killing.

According to Islam, the father is the head of the family and bears the responsibility for ensuring all family members fulfill the dictates of Islam.

In certain cases, the father is allowed to use violence in order to "educate" his family.

In several Muslim countries, honor killings are considered justifiable in court. Often, the father or a brother kills a woman to save the family's honor.

Honor killings are common when the woman refuses to enter an arranged marriage, has a boyfriend, cheated on her husband, is raped, has dressed in a manner deemed inappropriate by her family, renounced her faith, or had any form of homosexual relations.