50,000 tourists and one marriage proposal

Thousands of visitors flock to Samaria; Regional Council Head says the number 'grows every year.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tour Shomron

The Samaria Regional Council reported its feeling of satisfaction after two days filled with various festivals and holiday events in honor of Passover's (Pesach) intermediate days.

Over 50,000 visitors flocked to Samaria, flying kites at Mount Gerizim's national park, "meeting" King Herod in the national park in ancient Samaria, hiking on "Israel's porch" and tasting wine at prize-winning Samaria wineries.

On Thursday, Israeli musician Ariel Zilber gave a musical performance, and thousands of people visited tourist sites in northern Samaria, and participated in the spring celebrations marking 50 years since the liberation of the Dotan Valley where the Bible relates that the young Joseph looked for his brothers.

Among the visitors was David Shapira, who proposed to his girlfriend Racheli at the Tura Winery in the town of Rehelim.

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said, "The growth of Samaria's tourism industry is nothing less than a renaissance. Every year, the number of visitors to Samaria grows. This year, visitors arrived after 'Tour Shomron' advertised abroad.

"We've had visitors from France, China, Canada, and all over Israel. They all come to enjoy the unique tourist sites in Samaria. It's a feast for the eyes to see them."

On Sunday, thousands of visitors hiked through Samaria. On Tuesday, "Isru Chag" (the day after Passover), the seventh Samaria Conference will be held, hosting various experts and researchers.

There will also be a special tour of the safari, and the old Turkish train tracks.

Hiking on Mount Ebal

On Israel's "porch"

Hiking in northern Samaria

A proposal in the Tura Winery

Credit: Tour Shomron