Tunisia charges British DJ over call to prayer remix

British DJ faces charges in Tunisia of "offending public morality" after his set included a remix of the Muslim call to prayer.

Ben Ariel ,

Flag of Tunisia
Flag of Tunisia

A British DJ faces charges in Tunisia of "offending public morality" after his set at a nightclub included a remixed recording of the Muslim call to prayer, a judicial source said Tuesday, according to AFP.

A video of the alleged incident, which has been widely shared online since Sunday, shows clubbers dancing at the weekend in the northeastern town of Hammamet to music that includes the call to prayer.

The footage sparked a storm of debate on social media, with subsequent reports saying that the DJ, Dax J, had received death threats.

His Facebook and Twitter accounts have since been taken down, according to AFP.

Dax J and the organizers of the event have issued an apology.

Ylyes Miladi, a spokesman of a court in Grombalia, located 40 kilometers southeast of Tunis, told the news agency that three people, including the DJ and the club owner, were expected to be charged with "offending public morality".

He added, however, that Dax J had not yet been found by authorities.

Offending public morality is punishable by up to six months in prison in Tunisia.

In many Arab countries, incidents that are viewed as “insulting Islam” are frowned upon and often result in violent riots.

In 2012, the "Innocence of Muslims" film, which depicted the Muslim prophet as a thuggish deviant, triggered a wave of violent protests in the Muslim world that left dozens dead.

Last year, a prominent Jordanian writer was shot dead outside the courthouse where he had been on trial for posting a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam on social media.