Policeman who attacked Ethiopian soldier to stand trial

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit decided to indict a policeman who violently assaulted Ethiopian soldier during ethnic demonstration.

Reut Hadar ,

Ethiopian demonstrations
Ethiopian demonstrations
Tomer Neuberg, Flash 90

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to indict a policeman who attacked Damass Pikada, a soldier of Ethiopian origin, according to a Channel 2 report Monday.

According to the report, the policeman was filmed in April 2015 hitting a soldier, arousing a sharp public protest. The policeman was fired from his job but was not put on trial. The Attorney General decided in January to reopen the case against the policeman.

After the original closure of the case, Pikada filed civil suits against the Israel Police and against the assaulting policeman.

The violent attack on Pikada caused significant unrest among Ethiopians who went out to the streets to protest the attack and even clashed with police. During the course of the clashes tens od Ethiopian demonstrators were arrested.