Answer to Hezbollah: Comprehensive air defense to be operational

In two weeks Magic Wand becomes operational, to provide enhanced security to threats against Israel at nationwide level.

Mordechai Sones ,

קלע דוד בפעולה
קלע דוד בפעולה
צילום: דובר צה"ל

Israel's aerial defense is upgrading. In exactly two weeks, "David's Sling" (also known by the name "Magic "Wand") is to be fully deployed, and Brigadier General Tzvika Haimovich, a senior Air Force officer today (Monday), reveals that the Israeli response to the incident in Syria over the weekend that led to the Arrow system's operational deployment presented no dilemma whatsoever.

"We identified an SM-5 missile fired from Syria. In the short time we had at our disposal, we realized that this missile, with a gross weight of about seven tons and an explosive payload of a quarter ton, may explode and fall on Israeli territory, causing damage and injuries. We immediately deployed Arrow.

"Aerial defense system fighters have a short time to make decisions, and it was absolutely correct," said Haimovich.

During the night between Thursday and Friday last week, IAF jets attacked targets in Syria, and missiles were fired at Israeli planes. In response, an interceptor missile was launched by the Arrow system, hitting one of the rockets.

He also explained that the new system will change Israel's defense preparedness for the better: "It is not the quantity of batteries, nor is it the deployment pattern. This system can handle threats to every area of ​​the country, and hence its uniqueness," said the officer.

The IDF says further that the terrorist and enemy state rocket threat covers today almost every point in Israel and weapons in the hands of Israel's enemies are more lethal and of better quality - hence the fighter's great challenge. "We closed last year with successful interceptions in the Syrian, Sinai, and Gazan sectors, indicating extensive operational and professional knowledge," the army said.