Bennett: Liberman is trying to harm Religious Zionism

Education Minister Bennett sharply attacked Defense Minister Liberman for his ultimatum against Eli academy, calls on PM to 'restrain' him.

Eliran Aharon ,

Bennett at faction meeting
Bennett at faction meeting
Eliran Aharon

Education Minister and Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett opened the party's weekly faction meeting by referring to the coalition crisis regarding the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

"From my point of view, as the leader of the nationalist right, as long as the right-wing government continues to implement the policies of the right it will be allowed to continue its work, " said Bennett.

He added that "I've been told in the last few days that we are the party which stands to gain the most from elections now but we decided to do everything possible to achieve a compromise in this unnecessary crisis."

Bennett emphasized that "elections are not good for the citizens of Israel. Nobody needs elections now, we have tremendous momentum in all fields .In education, economy, law and in political processes there is much to do and we will do it."

He also attacked Defense Minister Liberman for his ultimatum against the pre-army mechina (preparatory) yeshiva in Eli. "I'm afraid the Defense Minister is trying cheap politics on the backs of the IDF soldiers. He is working against Religious Zionism in order to gain votes for himself and at the same time hurting the fabric of the army. We don't have any other army."

Bennett demanded that the prime minister "restrain Liberman" and insist that he act responsibly. "He should learn from the Chief of Staff how to act responsibly regarding the State of Israel and the IDF. We all served in the IDF and we all know that there is no other army and we can't play around with it," he concluded.