Terrorist's Whatsapp group uncovered

Following stabbing attack, authorities discover Whatsapp group declaring terrorism the 'path to heaven'.

David Rosenberg ,

WhatsApp, illustrative
WhatsApp, illustrative

Eighteen Arabs from eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria were arrested over the past few days following the terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem last Monday which left two Border Police officers wounded.

During the attack, which took place near the Lion’s Gate of the Old City, the two officers were stabbed before the terrorist was shot and eliminated.

Authorities said Sunday that the 18 individuals taken into custody were suspected of conspiracy to commit violent crimes and were members of a Whatsapp group which included the terrorist responsible for last week’s attack.

The terrorist, a 25-year old resident of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood of the capital, was reportedly a member of the Whatsapp group called “The Path to Heaven”, most of whose members live in eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

The group, which caters primarily to newly religious Muslim youths, includes a number of members with ties to terrorism or guilty of involvement in terrorist activities, investigators say.

The 18 individuals arrested in connection with the group include its founders and managers.