White House pledges to bring back missing FBI agent

Trump Administration affirms "unwavering commitment" to locate Jewish-American FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Ben Ariel ,

White House
White House

The White House on Thursday pledged to bring Jewish-American FBI agent Robert Levinson back to the United States.

The statement came on the 10th anniversary of Levinson’s disappearance.

"The Trump Administration remains unwavering in our commitment to locate Mr. Levinson and bring him home. We want him back, and we will spare no effort to achieve that goal," said the statement, which was quoted by Reuters.

The statement noted a $5 million reward for information leading to Levinson's safe return.

Levinson, a father of seven from Coral Springs, Florida, vanished during a trip to Iran in 2007, disappearing on Kish Island off Iran's coast. His family has acknowledged that he had been working for the CIA in a rogue operation.

He was not included in a last year’s breakthrough prisoner swap between Iran and the U.S., which saw four American citizens freed in return for the release of seven Iranians jailed in the United States.

Former White House spokesman Josh Earnest said last year that Levinson may no longer be in Iran, but no evidence has surfaced publicly to support that idea.

Thursday’s statement followed a report in The New York Times which said that administration officials had contacted Levinson’s relatives to assure them that his case was a priority.

“The U.S. government will never cease its efforts to bring back our citizens who are unlawfully detained or missing overseas,” a National Security Council statement said, according to the newspaper.