ISIS warns Europe: We're still here

Video of ISIS terrorist on the loose in Belgium mirrors pre-attack video warning Turkey before nightclub shooting.

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David Rosenberg ,


ISIS terrorists published a video message to Belgium, warning the EU state the Islamic terror group was still active in the country.

Released under the headline “We Are Still Here”, the video shows an ISIS-affiliated terrorist walking around an Antwerp train station.

Experts have noted parallels between the Antwerp video and a similar video produced by the group in Turkey prior to a nightclub shooting in Reina on New Year’s that left 39 dead, including one 19-year old Israeli Arab woman.

“At the beginning of the video they are showing where they are,” noted former Counterterrorism Police Chief Ahmet Yayla. “They did not include the destination - but they said we are here and and we are going to attack. It has happened in the past with videos going up before an attack, and I believe it is a plausible threat.”

Yayla added that the background music in the Antwerp video was also used in the Turkey video released prior to the Reina nightclub shooting.

“There was a video of the attacker which was called ‘soon, soon’ which warned of an attack in Turkey,” said Yayla. “The music in the background is the same which was used in the video before the attack on the Reina nightclub.

On March 22, 2016, ISIS terrorists struck three targets across the Belgian capital, Brussels, killing 32 and wounded more than 300.