Islamic terror attack foiled in Germany

German authorities arrest Salafist for bomb plot.

Gary Willig ,

Flag of Germany
Flag of Germany

Authorities in the German state of Lower Saxony announce Thursday the arrest of a 26 year-old Salafist for allegedly planning a terrorist attack. State prosecutors said that bomb-making materials were found in his apartment in the town of Northeim in the state of Lower Saxony.

Police believe that the was planning to target police officers or soldiers. They believe he wanted to lure them into "a trap," where he would lay the explosives.

The German domestic security and intelligence agency (BfV) announced yesterday that their was an increase in the number of radical Jihadists in Germany. The number of radical Jihadists has increased from about 100 in 2013 to approximately 1,600 in 2017.

"We receive between two and four credible tips on planned terrorist activity in Germany each day," BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen said. "We have to recognize that we are living in a different situation now than was normal."

Maassen said that approximately 570 Jihadists in Germany are considered "extremely dangerous" and capable of plotting terrorist attacks.