Op-ed: IDF admits to reducing standards

Under radical feminist influence, IDF initiates women's border unit that invites abduction. Opinion.

Gil Ronen ,

Yihya Sinuar, female soldiers
Yihya Sinuar, female soldiers
Reuters, Flash 90

A recent briefing to military reporters revealed that between 2015-16 the number of female combat infantry soldiers increased by 350%.

It was also reported that the "Eilat Company" is currently "gendered" - that is, it has only females - and soon, the entire "Eitam" Combat Intelligence battalion will be "gendered" also (it is unclear, by the way, why girls-only battalions are "gendered", while all-male battalions are chauvinist, but let's leave that).

How did this happen? The IDF now unabashedly admits lowering battalion standards in order to include more girls: A senior officer at Army Headquarters was quoted as saying that "unlike the American conception that has identical screening and vetting procedures for male and female candidates, we decided to make adjustments to enable many more female fighters relative to the numbers in the US army."

It was also revealed in a briefing to reporters at Army Headquarters this week the establishment of a new border protection system to be based almost entirely on women. The grouping incorporates the four light infantry battalions (Carcal, Lions of the Jordan, Bardelas, and the new Battalion 47), Combat Intelligence, Homeland Defense, Division Headquarters, and more. The grouping was established at the conclusion of staff work that took about a year-and-a-half, during which "the IDF tried to make adjustments and improvements in female infantry soldier's service."

"For example, the comparative analysis between female and male infantry trainee companies showed a fourfold increase in the need for medical attention among the mixed-gender companies." What conclusion is drawn from this exciting discovery? The reports do not tell us, but we can guess between the lines - and based on previous IDF statements on the topic - the conclusion is not that girls are unsuited to engage in combat, but that a much more significant investment must be made in medical accompaniment for girl's brigades.

Invitation to Sinawar

The briefing report provides the enemy with another significant informational tidbit: It was decided to stop carrying heavy machine guns and MAGs on male and female soldier's backs, and to mount such guns on routine service vehicles only. That is to say, foot patrols have apparently become much less deadly. Good to know.

The new grouping is not expected in coming years to fulfill the main routine service tasks, which will continue to be performed by the usual regiments. However, "the goal is already in 2018 to send the four light infantry battalions into operational activity also in Judea and Samaria, as well as the mixed-gender Homeland Security Brigades," the enlightened officer revealed. "Today, 4 of these battalions have operational plans to fight even in enemy territory and near the border."

What does Yihya Sinuar, or the Salafi unit commander in Sinai understand from all this? That the IDF is progressive? No. He understands that our army is stupid, and is sending girls closer and closer to Hamas and ISIS terrorist strongholds.