State responds to Supreme Court: PM can serve as Minister

State claims there is no reason PM Netanyahu shouldn't serve as Foreign Minister, and this is accepted practice since state was founded.

Shlomo Piotrokowski ,

Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's
Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's

The State has submitted its response to the restraining order issued by the Supreme Court in connection with the Prime Minister's functioning as foreign minister and communications minister.

The State claims that from the moment the Prime Minister announced his resignation from the role of communications minister, there is no reason to discuss specific claims against his serving as communications minister.

The Attorney-General added in his response that if the communications ministry will be transferred to another minister and the foreign ministry will remain the responsibility of the Prime Minister, there has been a significant change in the factual basis of the original petitions and they should therefore be annulled. Even if they are not annulled, there is no reason to conduct a hearing in the presence of a broader panel of judges.

Regardless,the State does not feel that there is any basis for compelling the Prime Minister to cease serving as foreign minister. The State added that the present state of affairs does not constitute a diversion from the accepted practice regarding this issue since the founding of the state.